Drivers may be accompanied by friends or parents. Under 14’s must be accompanied by an adult.

The club expects all drivers to conduct themselves in a friendly, sporting and safe manner and reserves the right to withdraw membership and or entry to the club at any time without payment of compensation or return of any monies paid including the annual membership fee.

 1. Membership.

 1.1 Under the rules of the BRCA all drivers must be  members of the BRCA. (This membership can be obtained through the club or directly from the BRCA). All race meetings are conducted under the rules published by the BRCA A copy of these rules is available from club officials, or can be seen on the BRCA website.

1.2 People new to the club must hold a current BRCA license. If they do not hold a current licence, they will only be allowed to race for 3 meetings. After this period, a valid license must be obtained in order to continue racing. (This is for insurance purposes).

1.3 Only club members can participate in the club League Championships, or claim any prizes offered in special meetings such as the Christmas party.

2. Racing Classes.  

2.1 Any 1/12th Circuit, 1/10th Scale Saloon (Electric  Cars) and GT12 as specified under the BRCA rules.   (If sufficient demand for a new class of racing exists, the Club will do its best to accommodate it.)

2.2 Leagues are run under BRCA standard or  modified rules agreed prior to start of league according to majority vote.  

3. Tyres – Motors - Batteries. 

3.1 Any rubber treaded or slick tyre, and any foam tyre may be used. Tyres must conform to BRCA rules. (Mini spikes, or any similar tyres must not be used).

3.2 Tyre additive. Only approved tyre additive is allowed ( Ask for details from race control). The BRCA now only uses oil free additives at National meetings and the club also will only use the new additives.

3.3 Motors: Unless  specified differently, all club racing and championships will be conducted using standard motors as defined in the BRCA Electric Board published list, which can be found on the BRCA website. Where a choice of standard motors exist, eg 10.5 or 13.5 for 1/12th cars, the club would like drivers to use the slower motor, due to the tight nature of the track.

All motors must be adequately suppressed

3.4 Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries of Sub C type, or Lithium Polymer batteries may be used. See BRCA Electric Board published lists for types. A suitable method of charging must be provided. PLEASE NOTE: LiPo batteries MUST be charged in an approved manner that complies with manufacturers recommendations and BRCA rules, and MUST be charged in a LiPo sack for safety purposes. Drivers not complying with this rule may be asked to leave the meeting.

      Drivers bringing 12v car batteries, or similar, to meetings for charging purposes must ensure that the battery is in a suitable container.  

4. Radio Frequencies.  

4.1 All racers must use legal frequencies for model cars – these are available from the BRCA.

4.2 All drivers must have at least two working frequencies at a race meeting.

5. Cars.  

5.1 All cars must comply with BRCA rules

5.2 Any cars found not to comply with BRCA rules may be removed from the race and/or have points deducted from their league score.

5.3 Drivers of cars found not to comply will be asked to either modify the car or remove the car from the meeting.  

6. Driving and Marshalling Standards.  

6.1 The club expects all drivers to control the car to the best of their ability. It also expects marshals to pay attention to their section of the track. No marshal should be using a mobile phone. If a marshal is recovering a crashed car, they should do so in a safe manner, and  drivers should exercise care when passing the accident.

6.2 Any driver that is considered by the committee not to be controlling the car to the best of their ability may be asked to withdraw from  the meeting.

6.3 It is a requirement of the club that all drivers marshal the race following their own. ( failure to do so may result in penalties being applied). Marshals must make every effort to recover a car as quickly as possible, and in a safe manner, paying attention to the other cars racing on the track.

6.4 At the end of a race, it is the marshals responsibility to return any track markings that have been moved to their original position before returning to the pits.

6.5 If the tape comes up during a race, it is the drivers responsibility of that race to inform race control that the tape needs repairing and at the end of the race they must help repair the tape. This does not apply to juniors. It is the clubs aim to finish racing and to exit the hall by 10:00 pm. If repairs are not attended to quickly and we run short of time, racing will have to finish at the end of round three.

6.6 Substitute marshals are only allowed at the discretion of the race director and agreed in advance.

 7. Club Equipment and Facilities.        

7.1 It is the responsibility of all drivers, whether members  or non members, to ensure that the club equipment and facilities are treated with respect.

7.2 All facilities such as tables must be covered with a cloth or towel, and must be left in a clean state following the meeting. Cleaning equipment is available at race control if required.

7.3 Any damage to facilities must be reported immediately to a club official.

7.4  Loan transponders are available from race control should a driver not have their own. These transponders are delicate, expensive electronic equipment and should be treated with care, particularly when removing them from the car. The transponder should be removed using the plug, and not using the wires.

7.5   Loan transponders must be returned  to race control after the race. If a driver inadvertently leaves with a loan transponder in their car, it is the responsibility of the driver to return that transponder to a designated committee member at least 36 hours before the next published meeting date.

7.6 The club reserves the right to charge a nominal fee for transponders not returned under rule 7.5  

8. Club Membership - Race Fees.

8.1 The club reserves the right to change membership details and fees without notice.

8.2 Club subscription and levies will be decided by majority vote of committee members.

8.3 Club finances are only available to committee members.

8.4 Payment of the race entry fee is a formal contract in which all drivers are bound by the rules of the club.

9. Spectators.  

9.1 Only friends and family of Drivers are allowed to spectate.

9.2 Any persons found to not abide by the club rules or to not conduct themselves in an appropriate manner will, at the discretion of the committee members, be asked to leave.

9.3 The club reserves the right to refuse entry to the facility.

 10. Mobile Telephones and other radio transmitters.  

10.1 Any form of transmitting and receiving device can cause interference.

10.2 Anyone attending club meetings must not use mobile telephones near the racetrack.

10.3 Mobile telephones are permitted in the pits  

11. Data Protection Act.  

11.1 The club will use information provided on the membership forms for its own purpose and that of the BRCA. Information held on the club’s database will only be used for communication purposes and to provide the BRCA with membership details. The BRCA may use this data for other purposes.    

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