1. A towel or mat must be used to protect the school tables. All litter to be removed and the facilities left in good order at the end of each meeting.

2. Any offensive conduct (including the use of bad language) could result in the culprit being banned from the meeting and in extreme cases be banned from the club and the BRCA notified.

3. All meetings are run in accordance with the rules of the governing body (BRCA). Charging of Lipo Batteries MUST be done using a Lipo safety bag; this is a BRCA and insurance requirement. Failure to do so will result in you being told to leave the meeting. A bucket of sand is positioned by the track marking storage area in the stage in case of a fire.

4. All drivers must have BRCA membership. If they do not hold a current licence, they will only be allowed to race for 3 meetings. All drivers must drive from the stage. Only drivers or marshals are allowed at the front area of the stage. Visitors and guests MUST remain on the stage whilst a race is in progress.

5. Changes within the Child Protection Act mean that CRCC must advise parents or guardians of junior entrants (under 16 years old), that Model Car Racing can be hazardous, especially whilst marshalling. CRCC will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained whilst at a meeting. If any parent or guardian is unable to accept this disclaimer, they must find a substitute marshal for the entrant, and inform the Race Director immediately. The replacement marshal must be over 16 years old and hold a current BRCA License. If this cannot be arranged, the entrant will not be allowed to compete.

6. ALL BRCA license holders (including those under 16 years old) are covered by the Sports Governing Body's comprehensive insurance policy; any liability claim MUST be made directly to the BRCA. Details of this insurance policy can be found in the BRCA Handbook.

7. If the carpet tape comes up during your race it is the driver’s responsibility of that race to inform race control that the tape needs replacing and at the end of the race they must replace the tape. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO JOUNIORS). The meeting will be put on hold until the tape is replaced. NO CARS ARE ALLOWED TO DRIVE AROUND THE TRACK UNTIL ALL REPAIRS ARE COMPLETED AND THE TRACK DECLARED OPEN.

8. The club uses electronic lap counting, a personal transponder is therefore recommended. The club has a limited number of transponders these must be collected from and returned to race control. The club reserves the right to charge  for transponders that have been damaged or not returned

9. All drivers to marshal the race following their own race and put the track markings back in the correct positions after the race. If you require a deputy marshal they Must Hold a BRCA licence. All marshals must wear the Hi Vis vests provided. Only drivers and marshals are allowed around the edge of the track or at the front area of the stage whilst a race is in progress. Any driver found not marshalling will receive a penalty, loss of FTD.

10. All transmitters to be switched off in the pits area,

11. The driving of a car round the track in the wrong direction including warm up and cool down laps is prohibited, Penalty will be a 10 second time penalty.

12. All cars must have Bodies fitted at all times during a race; any cars with a loose body must be returned to the pits for repair before continuing.

13. Race Director Decision is Final.

14. In the event of a meeting being abandoned; points will be awarded by qualifying position at the end of the rounds run (minimum of 2 rounds). If only 2 rounds of qualifying have been completed then both rounds will be used to calculate the overall position. If more than 2 rounds have been completed, then qualifying will be calculated on best 2 rounds. Only completed rounds to be used for calculating overall position.

15. Smoking is not allowed on the school premises .  

16, Mobile phones must not be used whilst marshalling.

16. General Data Protection Regulation. The club will use information provided on the membership forms for its own purpose and that of the BRCA. Information held on the club’s database will only be used for communication purposes and to provide the BRCA with membership details. The BRCA may use this data for other purposes.    

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